Ideal job — it’s when you do, what you actually love, enjoy the process and the result becomes a challenge to gain new achievements. Perfect team — family values, which you keep in mind when you are far from home.

We don’t idealize reality — we create conditions, which bring you again and again to our office every morning and you cross the threshold with smile on your face.

We appreciate person’s identity, professionalism and thinking outside the box and will do everything possible to give them an opportunity to grow in like-minded circle.

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Our trainers

Svetlana Lomakina, product trainer. The career path in APC began with the position of sales representative. The author and teacher of the training "Product portfolio of APC, 1-2 levels" field trainer for sales representatives and territorial managers.

About the project

APC learning center was founded in March 2016, when at its premises first trainings took place with support from one of the best business coaches of Ukraine — Valery Glubochenko, and involving the most proficient and successful experts in direct sales. That’s how concept of learning by working received its first arguments on paper – in tutorials for trading team, where the main accent is placed between thorough study of products and selling skills development:

how to make contact and first step;

how to present brand professionally;

which advantages of company, its products and service are important to get across to interlocutor;

how to overcome client’s opposition and refusal.

Unique experience, which can’t be found on the internet easily. But we made it available anytime!

Training programmes

According to set out priorities following programs were developed and are implemented by our company:

“APC Product Portfolio, 1-2 levels”. Duration – 4 days.

Company’s products overview by commodity groups, characteristics and sphere of their use – first step for company’s new employees. By the end of training all participants pass the test and based on its results decision about permit to work is made;

“APC Product Portfolio, 3 level”. Duration – 5 days.

Enhanced studying of company’s product portfolio: characteristics and advantages, formation of complex solutions on APC product basis, installation regulations and more. Training is orientated on employees, which work in company more than 3 months. By the end of training all participants pass the test (5 tests) and pass the exam. Based on its results decision about job competence is made.

“Sales Techniques: APC Corporate Standard”. Duration – 2 days.

Imparts an understanding of corporate standards in hold of effective and resultative trade-related visit — “Seven steps of APC trade-related visit”. Program is rich in amount of exercises, role-plays and case studies, in which all the participants of training take part. By the end of training all participants pass specific test.

At this point work in new programs and courses creation is in progress, among them — “Supervisor school”, which is dedicated to knowledge procure and management tools, which are necessary for work of this specialist.

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