The company "Aqua Planet Company" provides warranty service of the equipment, through authorized external and internal service centers. The manufacturer guarantees free repair or replacement of equipment that has factory defects during the warranty period, except for cases when the breakdown was caused by the fault of the consumer.
The warranty period for the equipment is:
Vibration pumps - 3 months
Pumps for water supply, pump stations and circulating pumps - 24 months
Pumps for water removal, hydraulic accumulators, pressure controllers, soldering irons - 12 months
The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale, which is confirmed by the presence of a properly completed warranty card with the stamp or signature of the seller.
Acquiring the equipment of the brand "APC", the consumer, in addition to high quality, receives a full service package that provides both warranty and post-warranty service. For maximum customer comfort, "Aqua Planet Company" has created a network of its own and partner service centers, provided with all necessary equipment and highly qualified specialists. In addition to the above-mentioned service centers, the buyer can also contact the Company's General Service by sending an email request or by calling the hotline phone number.
We suggest that service partners consider the possibility of creating a service center for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of APC equipment on the basis of its enterprise. If you are interested in this offer, please send your applications by e-mail with a note in the subject line "I want to become a service partner", in the letter, please indicate your name, contact phone number, organization and region.
Contact details:
Tel: 0 800 30 28 28 (APC Hotline)

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